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Laon English Academy - Native English Teacher Needed

Job Summary

회사 / 학교 이름 Laon English Academy Myunsung
위치 안내 서울
지하철역 또는 도시 Nokbeon Station
근무 시간별 풀타임
학생 종류 유치원생, 초등생
시작 시간 오후
급여 / 월급 2.1-2.2
비자 제공 가능
+ 혜택 항공 요금, 건강 보험, 퇴직금, 거처 제공, 주거비 (월세)
시작일 2021 March 2nd
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
연락처 정보 Laon English Academy
Added 2021-01-15
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Job Description


Laon English Academy is searching for a new Native English Teacher to start March 2nd of 2021. This will be a 1 year contract, though a short contract can be negotiated if necessary (full benefits do NOT apply to shortened contracts).

  • We are looking for Native Teachers currently living in Korea. We will provide an apartment if needed or a 400,000 won/month housing allowance if you have your own accommodations.  
  • We can sponsor a Visa Change if necessary (D/A Visa to E Visa).
  • Monthly Salary is 2.1-2.2 mil a month.
  • There are 8 flexible vacation days, 3 of which are reserved for sick leave and 5 are up to the discretion of the teacher.

Laon English Academy is an Elementary School level Hagwon. We work with children from Kindergarten age through to 6th grade. There are 4 Korean teachers and 2 Native English teachers. 

We teach phonics, speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Class materials are provided by the school, and lesson plans are up to the individual teacher. 

Classes are taught solo, with each class having a head Korean Teacher.

Working hours: 12-8pm

  • 12-2:30 are planning hours and lunch hours. 
  • M/W/F classes run from 2:30-7:15. There are 6 classes during this time.
  • T/TH classes run from 2:30-6:20. There are 5 classes during this time.
  • Every semester there is one (1) Saturday where we come in to do lesson planning for the next semester. Hours are 10-3. Lunch is provided on these days.  


If you are interested in the position, please contact me at:

Thank you

Courtney Smith


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