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From July: 20 hours per week = 2.0m+ KRW per month plus visa sponsorship and benefits; 15 minutes outside of Seoul on Seoul Metro Line 1; can be added to existing E2 visa as additional workplace, making it a sweet PT job!

Job Summary

회사 / 학교 이름 ETS Academy
위치 안내 경기도
지하철역 또는 도시 Ha-an dong, Gwangmyeong
근무 시간별 풀타임, 파트타임
학생 종류 초등생, 중학생
시작 시간 오후
급여 / 월급 2.0m for 4 hours' work per day, M-F
비자 제공 가능
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
연락처 정보
Added 2019-05-12

Job Description

From July 2019: One teacher needed for a high-paying, low-stress position just outside of Seoul @ ETS Academy.


# in Haan-dong, Gwangmyeong. See it on Google Maps.

The academy is really easy to get to from a number of different subway stations:

# Doksan Station (Seoul Metro Line 1, just south of Guro Station in the south-west part of the city) is a 10-minute walk or 2 minute bus ride, with 2 different buses running every 5 minutes from the station to right outside the academy.

# Cheolsan Station (Seoul Metro Line 7) is a 10-minute bus ride, with 3 different buses running every 5 minutes from the station to right outside the academy.

# Guro Digital Complex (Seoul Metro Line 2) is a 15-minute bus ride, with 1 bus running every 15 minutes from this station to right outside the academy.

# There's a big department store with a nice food court directly in front of the academy -- perfect for cheap lunches!



# Teaching elementary grades 1 to 6, with one or two high-level middle school classes.

# Total 20 hours per week:

Monday: 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Tuesday: 3pm to 7pm

Wednesday: 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Thursday: 3pm to 7pm

Friday: 2.30pm to 6.30pm



# Teach a speaking-based curriculum of your choice. There's a conversation book, but you can use your own materials or change the book completely -- you're in full control of what's taught in your class. The Korean English teachers at the academy teach grammar and reading, and -- as the native speaker -- you'll be expected to do group speaking activities, class games, speaking drills, partner work and so on. Simply, the more the students speak and have chance to use what they're learning at the academy and at school, the better.

# There are no end-of-term reports to write, no midterm exams to make or mark, no daily or weekly lesson plans to submit and no grading/marking/proof reading or any work to take home. Your mornings, evenings and weekends are 100% work free.

# Be a good role model. Students spend a lot of their young lives at academies and you might be a regular fixture in the lives of our students. We want a friendly, motivating, caring and compassionate teacher to join our close-knit team. 



# E2, D10 or F-series visa holder

# Already in Korea and able to interview face-to-face (and do a short demo class)

# Native English speaker from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia (for visa sponsorship purposes)



# Teaching experience is preferable, but personality and work ethic are too; we want a friendly, caring teacher who takes pride in his/her work. We want our students to enjoy your classes.

# Can speak some Korean. You don't need to have passed a TOPIK exam, but knowing some basic Korean will make classroom management easier for you. Not a requirement at all but still a big plus, even if it's 1 or 2 classroom phrases.

# Familiar with the Cambridge Lower Suite Exams (not required, just preferable). Some of our higher-level classes are studying for the Cambridge KET exam, and experience with this would certainly be a plus.



# Depending on your visa type and circumstances, insurance, severance pay, pension contributions and 10 days' vacation can be offered.

# E2 visa sponsorship offered.

# If you already have E2 sponsorship, you can add this job as an additional workplace under newish visa laws that allow E2 visa holders to work an additional part-time job as long as the additional job's schedule and payment is shorter/less than the original position. Call immigration on 1345 for full details.

# Starting salary of around 2.0m.


The Best Things About Working Here:

# No stress. Kind students who love to participate. Honest bosses who fully support your decisions.

# No paperwork.

# No pressure to teach X amount of pages per day. Because you're in charge of your curriculum, you aren't expected to stick to a tight teaching schedule. You have the freedom to go back, review, pause, change your mind -- it's all down to you and what you think is best for that particular class.

# Free snacks at 4pm daily (things like a pastry, mandoo, oranges, etc.)

If you're interested, or if you'd like to ask a question about the position, please contact 'Wonjangnim' at If you're applying, please send a resume and photo. Thanks! Please share this with a friend who needs a stress-free job.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.

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