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[PT] ASAP / Heukseok / 2:00PM~7:30PM

Job Summary

회사 / 학교 이름 와이제이 영어
위치 안내 서울
지하철역 또는 도시 Heukseok/Line9
근무 시간별 파트타임
학생 종류 초등생
시작 시간 오후
급여 / 월급 2.1 mil per month
비자 제공 불가능
시작일 July
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
연락처 정보 YJstuido
Added 2021-05-11
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Job Description

 YJStudio is an English education institute.

We are communicating with our children in English through small group studies. We are looking for a new and good teacher who can communicate with students.

Native speakers with a bachelors degree, E,F,D,H Visa


* Location: Hukseok/ ChungAng University station, line 9

* Age Group : Elementary (under 5 kids per class)
Working Date : Mon ~Thurs day

* Working Hours : 2pm~7:30pm

* Compensation: 2.1M / month

* Starting Date : JULY

* Benefits :
- One year completion bonus
- 10 days paid vacation + National Holidays

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