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Job Summary

위치 안내 서울
지하철역 또는 도시 Rietz
근무 시간별 파트타임
시작 시간 오전, 오후, 저녁, 주말
급여 / 월급 10 USD
비자 제공 불가능
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
연락처 정보 Christine M.
Added 2019-11-07

Job Description

We are growing at INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK and need your help!
We are always looking for new adventures to send out new evaluators on and we now have one for the 19- 22 year old evaluators!   Soon we will conducting age verification evaluations, so that we can help keep certain products out of the hands of our youth.  We are contacting you, because we hope you can help us and join to this adventure.
Your task will be very simple and can be done without any preparations and very easily in between your daily tasks — you have only to purchase a small/cheap product (fully refunded) and check if you get asked for your age — that’s it!
There are MANY shops in Seoul, so there is great opportunity for you to complete many shops over the next few months!
Please if you are registered go to and register to become an evaluator.  
We look forward to working with you soon,

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