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Work from Home - Academic Reading and Writing

Job Summary

회사 이름 Q1 Academy
시급 35000
수업 시간대 UTC+9, 한국/일본
학생 종류 초등생, 중학생
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Please mention ESLROK when applying!
연락처 정보
Added 2021-08-30
Send your resume and a message direct to this employer's email inbox.

Job Description

Q1 Academy is a 100% online English academy. Classes are conducted in 100% English.

Our students

Our target market is high-level 5th, 6th (elementary) to 1st, 2nd (middle school aka 7th and 8th grade) in Korea. They are the cream of the crop in Korea. Most students are returness, some are international school students, and some are students who have lived their whole lives in Korea but have very high proficency in English. They will be studying from American university level texts (designed for ESL students in University).


About our Reading Classes

Reading lessons are focused on:

- Context clues
- Identifying topic and main idea 
- Patterns of Organization
- Critical reading skills (tone, bias, logical fallacies)


About our Writing Classes

Writing lessons are focused on:

- Pre-writing, outlines, idea generation, etc.
- Specifity of thesis, main idea and support
- Patterns of Organization
- Argumentative and Persuasive essays with research


- Teach 2-hour online classes on Google Meet
- Grade Essays and provide student feedback
- Provide feedback for students homework
- Class hours range from 4PM to 10PM (currently only offering PART-TIME work)


Required Qualifications: 

- Valid Work Visa that doesn't require sponsorship - ex: F4, Korean citizen, etc (E2 need not apply)
- Bachelors Degree from accredited 4-year university from USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa
- Applicants must currently be located in Korea (to receive textbooks and to call parents). 
- Have their own computer with high quality camera and mic
- Have high speed and reliable internet (applicant's internet speed will be checked)
- Ethernet connection (Wifi is unreliable)
- Quiet Home (no noise distractions from neighbors) 

If you do not meet these requirements, you need not apply.


Desired Qualifications:

- Experience teaching the material above 
- Experience teaching online classes
- Experience with Wordpress Sites
- Strong reading and writing skills - writing experience is a bonus (books, blogs, etc.)
- Online Entertainment experience (ex: youtube, TV, podcast, media) - job is 70% teaching, 30% entertainment
- Brand name school (parents are used to teachers from top-tier universities)
- Brand recognition (some brand-name work experience that is impressive to parents)
- Korean ability (not necessary, but helpful for speaking with parents)



35,000won per hour


To apply:

- Please send resume and describe how you fulfill the qualifications.

VIP Jobs

American STEM Prep.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.

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