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How I Incorporate the Usage of Technology in Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms.

Using technology in a kindergarten classroom is not only a fun addition to the students’ learning process but also a very vital and valuable part of the educational process and provides another outlet for the students to demonstrate their creativity and learning. Technology resources range from computers, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders and voice recorders. Some of the ways I incorporate technology usage in my teaching are for example, making playlists of songs that can be used in the classroom which allows easier access during class and for tweaking quickly. Taking pictures and creating power point lessons or slide shows is also a great way to engage students. I also found that educational videos, games, online encyclopedias are also great resources to enhance my lessons.

One of the benefits of using technology in the classroom is that it increases motivation in children. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners usually have a very short attention span, but their interest is sparked by technology. For example, when I am able to involve my students in a smart board program to extend their understanding of letter sounds, it allows them the opportunity to interact physically, using keyboards and touchscreen. A colourful animated screen captures their attention visually, keeping the children interested for longer periods of time. I also found that being able to choose their own programs for skill practice makes them feel empowered and encourages the children to work independently.

Another advantage of using technology in the classroom is the opportunity it presents in making the teaching process a lot more productive and enjoyable for the student. The use of computers and tablets allows for the opportunity to reinforce skills in the students. When teaching preschoolers and Kindergarteners I am able to present the same material several times in different ways. For example, students can sing an alphabet song, they can watch a video and repeat the movements of writing each letter, and then they can use a tablet to play an alphabet game.


Most of all, in my opinion one of the most important aspects of using technology in the classroom to preschoolers and kindergarteners is that it encourages collaboration amongst themselves. In other words, when a group of students listen to a recorded book or work together on the smart board to match letters and sounds, they are learning the valuable skill of working together. Also, when two students are sitting together at a computer to determine living and non-living things on a science program they easily learn to corporate.

The benefits of using technology in the classroom is an advantage for both students and teachers. However technology is not a teaching substitute, but a valuable aid that introduces children to new ways of thinking and working. I personally support technology in the classroom. Additions such as websites, apps, learning games, e-books and virtual tutoring help the students learn at their own pace. My experience working with technology in the classroom is always very rewarding for me because it allows me to be able to personalize the educational experience for the students. Digital materials support classroom learning topics and introduce different teaching methods for each student’s unique learning needs.

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