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Job Offering at Chungbuk National University

Job Summary

Company / School Chungbuk National University
Location Chungcheongbuk-do
Nearest Subway / City CHEONGJU
Contract Type Full-time
Student Type University
Start Time Morning
Visa Sponsorship Yes/Possibly
+ Benefits Health Insurance, Severance Pay
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details Chungbuk National University
Added 2020-01-22

Job Description

1. 모집인원 (Number wanted)

모집 구분











(Invited professor)


(English Teaching)



2020.3.1. ~ 2021.2.28.


March 1st, 2020 to February 28st, 2021

(1 year)


(Native speakers)


* Native speakers here are referred to as those with the following nationalities: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland


▶ 3년 이내 연장가능, 3년 이후 신규채용 응시 가능

* This one-year contract can be renewable up to two times. Those terminated by the two-time-renewable contract will reapply for the current position.


2. 응시자격 (Candidate Qualifications)

❍ 국가공무원법 제33조 및 해외여행에 결격사유가 없는 자

Anyone who does not violate the Article 33 of the Korean National Civil Officers and cannot make overseas trips based upon the Article

❍ 학사학위 소지자 이상, 교육 및 연구 경력 4년 이상

Candidates should have the following:

  1. a BA diploma at the time of applying (MA in TESOL much preferred),
  2. at least 4 years of experience in English education and research at the level of official schools (college preferred)


3. 전형방법 (Application Process)

❍ 제1차: 서류전형(기초 및 전공 심사)

The 1st round process: the application materials reviewing

❍ 제2차: 면접전형(면접심사 및 공개강의)

The 2nd round process: applicant’s interview and short lecture (for those who pass the 1st round)


4. 전형 일정 (Application Procedures)

가. 제1차 서류전형 (The 1st application Round Process)


The Application term:

From 9:00 a.m., January, 22nd, 2020 to 18:00 p.m., January, 30th, 2020

❍ 제출서류 (Application Materials)

- 이력서 (소정 서식) 1부

Application Form (provided by CBNU) 1 each

- 학력증명서(학사, 석사, 박사) 각 1부

Academic diplomas (BA, MA, Ph.D - once you achieved) 1 each

- 성적증명서(학사, 석사, 박사) 각 1부

Academic Transcripts (BA, MA, Ph.D – once you achieved) 1 each

- 경력증명서(지원서 상에 기재된 경력) 각 1부

Teaching careers Records (All listed on the application resume form) 1 each

- 연구실적 목록(별도 양식 없음) 1부

A List of Research Work (if any) 1 each

※ 각종 증명서는 접수일 기준으로 3개월 이내 발행된 원본이어야 함

 (별도 사본 명기는 사본도 가능)

All the application materials should be originals issued within 3 months from the application deadline.

공고된 제출 양식 및 증빙서 이외 제출 시 불이익이 있을 수 있음

Insufficient application materials required by CBNU from candidates result in a failure from the selection process


❍ 접수 방법: 방문 제출 또는 우편접수, 단 이메일 접수는 불가

- 주소: 충북 청주시 서원구 충대로 1 충북대학교

N2 810호 창의융합교육본부, 우편번호 28644

- 문의전화: 043-261-3915

- 제출된 서류는 일체 반환하지 않으며, 허위기재 또는 지정한 서류 미 제출에 따른 불이익에 대하여 본교는 책임지지 아니함


 Application: Application only by in person or traditional mail; no applying via

email. All the application materials received from candidate are

not returnable.


             Chungbuk National University,

The Office Creative and Convergent Education,

             8 FL, the Law School (N2-810),

             ChungDae-Ro 1 (362-763), Cheongju, Chungbuk,

             Republic of Korea

Call +82-43-261-3915


나. 제2차 면접전형 및 공개강의 (서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별 통보)

❍ 일시 및 장소: 2020년 2월 중, 충북대학교 창의융합교육본부

The 2nd Round Application Process:

(For those who pass the 1st round application process)

Date and Place: - Place: The Office Creative and Convergent Education

               - Time: Around February, 2020


다. 최종합격자 발표: 2020년 2월 (개별통보)

※ 상기 일정은 충북대학교의 사정에 따라 변동될 수 있음

The Announcement for the finalists will come out around the February, 2020.

(The finalists will be reported both by e-mail and phone).

The Division will NOT recruit anyone if candidates do not satisfy the Division’s requirements/intentions.




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