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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Foreign Language Center: Full-time Instructor

Job Summary

Company / School Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Foreign Language Center
Location Seoul
Nearest Subway / City 외대앞
Contract Type Full-time
Student Type University, Adult / Business
Start Time Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Salary 2.26 mil
Visa Sponsorship Yes/Possibly
+ Benefits Health Insurance, Severance Pay, Accommodation
Start Date 2022-02-01
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details HUFS Foreign Language Center
Added 2021-10-07
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Job Description


The Foreign Language Center is the primary foreign language training institute at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. This is a full-time, adult-teaching position for our 20-week, non-credit English classes. Full-time instructors will teach at least 19 hours per week during the semester and may be required to teach some overtime hours depending on the number of classes.

*Please note that this is NOT the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Department of English; we are a separate institution that is part of the university and located on campus, but operates independently from the academic departments.


Our students are primarily non-traditional students, including university students on break from school, working professionals, and government employees, who are pursuing practical English language training. Our educational philosophy focuses on student output and maximizes speaking time in class, though our curriculum is comprehensive and includes listening, writing, and multimedia subjects. Despite the curriculum and class structure having a very practical focus, academic English skills are also part of our education goals. Because our programs are non-credit, we have the flexibility to provide more meaningful, student-tailored educational experiences.


The school is very teacher-centered and offers advancement and leadership opportunities to those who are interested. This includes such things as curriculum & course development, leading projects, and research opportunities, to name a few. 


In addition, there are a number of optional overtime opportunities that may become available throughout the semester in the form of courses for major companies in Korea as well as several government agencies. We also host intensive programs in the summer and winter. These overtime opportunities are optional but we prioritize positions for our full-time instructors that desire them.


Class Schedule: 

Full-time instructors teach 19 hours per week. At our center, we have a daytime program and an evening program so there is the possibility for a split schedule 1-2 days per week.


-Daytime program: 9:30-4:15 (Monday to Friday) – Instructors teach about 19 class hours per week during the daytime (average 3-4 hours per day in the daytime program; NOT the full 9:30-4:15). 

-Evening program: 7:40-9:30 (Tuesday & Thursday) – All instructors are required to teach the evening program if the class numbers demand it, though most semesters it is optional.


Benefits: Full-time position

Period of Contract: February 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023. 

-2.26 million won/month base salary. Overtime hours paid at 34,000 won per hour (both base salary and overtime rate increase over time according to university policy).

-Medical insurance (50%).

-National pension (국민연금) and private pension (퇴직금).

-10 weeks of paid vacation (usually 5 weeks in summer and 5 weeks in winter) as well as national holidays.

-Housing: A non-shared off-campus apartment for foreign faculty (no housing stipend is provided if living outside of provided housing)



-Native speaker of English

-Must be in Korea with a qualifying visa (transferable E-2, D-10, or F-series visa)

-Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s Degree preferred

-Major in English Education, Linguistics, or Literature preferred

-At least 2 years of experience teaching adults


Required Application Documents:

-Resume and cover letter

-Scanned Diploma

-At least one letter of recommendation (More are preferred, up to 3)

-References and contact information


Interviews will take place in November, in person if social distancing rules permit. A mock class will be required for those selected to interview for the position. If asked to do an interview, you must provide a copy of your ARC to verify visa status. 


Applications can be submitted via email by October 29th to .

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