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PT Positions in Major Cities

Job Summary

Contract Type Part-time
Student Type Adult / Business
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details YBM Net
Added 2019-03-12

Job Description

<Summer Camp>


Yangju City (양주시청)

Aug 5,2019~Aug 9,2019 / 9am~6pm (Elem Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)

*meals, accommodation provided*

*pick up service at Yangju Stn or Pangyo Stn*

1. Kimpo, Gyeonggido (김포)

Mon~Fri 9am~8pm (Elem Eng-Kor)



2.Ansim (Innovation City High Tech Medical Complex Stn , Daegu (안심역(대구))

Mon,Fri 4pm~5:30pm (Conv Eng-Kor)
Start:April 1,2019~

*transportation fee provided*


3.Busan 부산

March 23,2019~March 24,2019 /10am~6pm (Elem Eng-F6,F2)
*accommodation, transportation , lunch provided*


4.Incheon Airport, Administration Complex Stn (인천국제공항공사/합동청사역)
March 13,2019 / in the morning (Interview Position-F6,F2)

5.Sangmu Stn,Gwangju (상무역(광주광역시))

Mon~Fri 6am~7am & Sun 6am~8am (Conv Eng-F4,Kor)
Start:July 26,2019~

6.Jamsil Stn,Seoul (line 2)(잠실역)
Thu 5pm~6pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)


7.Yongin, Gyeonggido (용인)
Mon,Wed 6pm~7:30pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2)

*transportation fee provided*

8.Pangyo Stn,Gyeonggido (판교역)
Tue,Thu 7:40am~8:30am (Conv Eng-Kor)
Start:March 19,2019~


9.Express Bus Terminal Stn,Seoul (line 3,7,9)(고속버스터미널역)

Mon,Wed 11:30am~12:30pm or Tue.Thu 12pm~1pm or Wed,Fri 12:30pm~1:30pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2)


10.DSME, Gojesi (대우조선해양/거제시)
April 15,2019~April 25,2019 / 8am~5pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4)
*accommodation, lunch, transportation fee provided*


11.Jonggak Stn,Seoul (line 1)(종각역)
1 or 2 x 6:30am~7:30am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)

*transportation fee provided*


12.Boramae Stn,Seoul (line 7)(보라매역)
Tue.Fri 6pm~7pm or 6pm~7:30pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F4,Kor)


13.Naebang Stn,Seoul (line 7)내방역)
Tue.Thu 7:40am~8:40am (Conv Eng-F6,F2)
Start:March 12,2019 or March 19,2019~


14.Noryangjin Stn,Seoul (line 9)(노량진역)
A.Wed or Thu 7:30am~8:30am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)
B.Tue.Wed,Thu 5pm~6pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)


15.Cheongju,Chungcheongbukdo (청주/충북)
A.Thu 2pm~3pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)
B.Thu 3pm~4pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)


*transportation fee provided*


16.Gongduk Stn,Seoul (line 5)(공덕역)
March 22,2019 / 11:30am~1pm (Biz Eng-F4,Kor)

17.Seodamoon Stn,Seoul (line 5)(서대문역)
Tue.Thu 12pm~1pm (Conv Eng-F4,Kor)


18.Jukjeon Stn,Gyeonggido (죽전역)
Mon,Wed 3pm~4pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F4,Kor)

*transportation fee provided*

19.Boramae Stn,Seoul (line 7)(보라매역)

Thu 5pm~6pm or 6pm~7pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)


20.Noryangjin Stn,Seoul (line 9)(노량진역)
Tue.Thu 7am~8:30am (Conv Eng-F6,F2)


21.Yangjae Citizens Forest Stn (양재시민의숲역)

Mon,Wed 5;40pm~6:40pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2)
Start:April 8,2019~

*transportation fee provided*


22.Sejungsi (세종시)
Mon,Thu 3pm~4:30pm (Conv Eng-Kor)
Start:March 18.2019~


23.Gongduk Stn,Seoul (line 5)(공덕역)

Mon,Wed 12:30pm~1:30pm (Conv Eng-Kor)
Start:March 11,2019~May,2019 & June,2019~Aug,2019 & Sept,2019~Jan,2020


24.Boramae Stn,Seoul (line 7)(보라매역)
A.Mon,Wed,Fri 5pm~7pm (Biz Eng-F4)

B.Sat 9am~4pm (Biz Eng-F4)
Start:March 25,2019~July 12,2019


25.Gunpo Stn,Gyeonggido (군포역)
Tue.Thu 8am~9am (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)


24.Yeoksam Stn,Seoul (line 2)(역삼역)
A.Tue,Wed 8:30am~9:30am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)
B.Tue 7:30am~8:30am & Thu 8am~9am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)
Start:March 9,2019~


25.Daejeon (대전)

Mon,Wed 7am~8:30am (1:1 OPIC-F4,Kor)


29.Icheon, Gyeonggido (이천/경기도)

Mon~Fri 9am~6pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)
Start:April 22,2019~June 14,2019

*accommodation, meals provided*


30.Ulsan (울산)
March 25,2019~March 26,2019 / 8am~5pm (Biz Writing-F6,F2,F4,Kor)
*accommodation, meals provided*

31.Geumcheon-gu Office Stn,Seoul (line 1)(금천구청역)
Tue.Thu,Fri 7:30am~8:20am (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)
Start:March 12,2019~


35.Gyeonggi-do Provincial GovernmentGi-Do (경기도청)(Suwon(수원))

A.Mon,Thu 7:30am~8:30am (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)
B.Tue.Fri 6:30pm~7:30pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)
Start:March,2019~June,2019 / June,2019~Sept,2019/Sept,2019~Dec,2019


36.Gyeonggi-do Provincial Government (경기도청)(Ujeongbu(의정부))

A.Mon,Thu 7:30am~8:30am (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)
B.Tue.Fri 6:30pm~7:30pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)

Start:March,2019~June,2019 / June,2019~Sept,2019/Sept,2019~Dec,2019

37.Asan, Chungcheongnamdo (아산/충남)

Mon~Fri 1pm~7pm (Elem Eng-F6,F2)

*accommodation provided*


39.Seoul Stn,Seoul (line 1 & line 4)(서울역)
A.Mon,Wed 5pm~6pm or 5:30pm~6:30pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)

B.Tue.Thu 5pm~6pm or 5:30pm~6:30pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)


If qualified & interested in any of these positions, please email Stacey at with the following:

1. Recent Resume (.doc, .pdf,)

2. Recent Photo (.jpg)

3. VISA Status in Korea & Citizenship

4. Current Location w/area of preference

5. Phone Number w/best time to contact

6. Indicate interested position in subject line (ex. Place/Days)

7. All potential candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelor degree from an accredited four-year university

-Only short-listed applicants will be contacted, Thank you for your understanding.

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