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International schools in Seoul,Yongin, Daejeon, Incheon city

Job Summary

Location Various or Jobs List
Contract Type Full-time, Part-time
Student Type Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School
Start Time Morning, Afternoon
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details ACE Career Consulting
Added 2022-05-31
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Job Description

#########  International school ###############


[7-218] Location: SungdongGu in Seoul

Visa: F visa holder

1) Elementary- middle: Art Teacher

2) Elementary- middle: P.E Teacher ( Education degrree holder or preferred Physical education relating major )

3) Elementary-middle: IT ( Computer Science, Coding )

4) Middle : Math (G6-8)

5) Middle: Science ( (G6-8)

Starting date: July 25th~( Aug 1st: Summer Camp, Startin teaching : Sept 1st)

Working hrs: 8am~4:45pm

Salary: 2.8 mil~ nego

Vacation: Summer vacation 3 weeks, Winter vacation one week

Housing allowance( 500,000 kwon ) no Housing.

Air ticket( 850,000kwon) , National pension, Meidcal insurance, Severance fee


[8-580] Location: GangNam, Seoul

- Visa type: F visa ( No criminal background history)

Teaching level: Middle(Grade 6~8)

-Subject: Math & Science

Teaching level: High Math (Grade 9~12)

-Subject: Math (AP Calc BC)

Working hrs: M~F: 8am~4pm

Annual Salary: Negotiable (based primarily on education and years of experience)

10 days of paid Christmas vacation

2 Months of paid summer vacation

Air ticket, National pension, Meidcal insurance, Severance fee

Free Lunch

Housing allowance/stipend option


Master’s degree in education or related discipline

More than 3 Years of classroom teaching experience at school setting

Teacher certification/License (in the U.S., Canada and/or South Korea)


[8-8] Location: GangNam, Seoul ( International school )

- F4 or F series visa, Korean passport holder

ART Teacher

Class Size : Maximum 15 Students

Working hrs:  8:30am~5:20pm

Starting date: Aug 1st, 2022( start training )

Acutal teaching starting date: late Aug, 2022

Salary: 3.0~3.5 mil kwon

( Nego about air ticket and housing after interview, housing allowance( 500,000 kwon), National pension, medical insurance, end of contract  bonus and visa sponsorship, and

Winter:2 weeks,Christmas break: 1 week, Spring: 1 week Summer: from Jun 8th~Late July, paid vocation)


 [3-221] Location: Songdo in Incheon city

( Christian School )

- Starting date: ASAP( 2 ppl ) Aug (3 ppl )

- Age group: Elementary

- Salary: 2.3 M~ (negotiable)

- Nationality: USA, Australia, UK, Canada, South Africa

- Working Hours: MWF 8:30 am ~ 5:30 pm/ T& TH 8:30-5:00

- 50% of Medical Insurance / Severance payment / Housing / Pension / Half airfare(negotiable)

- Preferable Type of Teacher: E2 visa holders, Christianity, 1 year of experience or more

- We prefer the teachers who has faith in Christ Jesus


[3-222] Location: Songdo in Incheon city

( Christian Internationl School )

Teaching Kinder: M~F: 8:30am-5:30pm

Starting date: ASAP or Early~Mid Aug, 2022(1)

Teaching elementary( English) : M~F: 8:30am-5:30pm

Starting date: Early~Mid Aug, 2022(1)

Teaching level: Middle-High school ( Homeroom teacher: 1~2)

Starting date: Early~Mid Aug, 2022(1~2)

Preference: US, CA, UK, NZ, AU

Visa: E2 or F visa

Salary: 2.2 mil kwon~ nego

Full benefits(air ticket, single housing, medical insurance, National pension, end of bonus and visa sponsor, holiday)


[8-562] Location: Songdo in Incheon city ( International school )

Teaching level: Elementary( G1~G4)

  • Math teacher,
  • Science teacher
  • english teacher

Working hrs: 8am~5pm

Starting date: Mid Aug, 2022

Salary: Nego

- 15 days vacation days + 6 leave days, from the second year, 20 more vacation days are added.

-State/government-issued teaching license holders are preferred.

Math/Science/STEM degree holders are preferred.

Education related degree holders are preferred.

F visa holder is preferred.

Experience in STEM education is preferred.


 [3-251-1] Location: Yongin city(near Migum station of Bundang line )

Elementary HomeRoom Teacher

No of positions: 1~2

Start date: mid/end of July

Nationality and Status of Residence: Korean-American, Korean-Canadian and F- visa  Americans, Canadians

- Eligibility requirements: Those who are graduates of middle and high schools and universities in the U.S. and North America who are eligible for major English, math, social studies and science courses, U.S. or Canadian teacher qualifications, preferential treatment for elementary or international school teachers

Elementary Homeroom Teacher Job Descriptions

Job Summary:
seeking a highly qualified, organized, and professional candidate to serve as an elementary school homeroom teacher responsible for instructing students from grades K-5. Creates lesson plans, administers praise and constructive criticism, teaches students on subjects such as Reader's and Writer's Workshop, ELA, science, social science, math, and creates a well-rounded, comprehensive instructional program. The ideal candidate is someone who has experience in utilizing and applying the US Common Core State Standards.

Roles and Responsibilities:

● Evaluates, monitors, and tracks students' performance

● Plan, prepare, and deliver instructional activities

● Create a positive educational climate for students to learn in.

● Meet school-wide student performance goals.

● Participate in ongoing PD training sessions.

● Create lesson plans and modify them accordingly throughout the year.

● Maintain grade books.

● Grade papers and perform other administrative duties as needed.

● Create projects designed to enhance lessons.

● Read and stay abreast of current topics in education.

● Utilize various curriculum resources.

● Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.

● Utilize curricula that reflect the diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of the students served.

● Develop class incentives to keep participants in the class.

● Develop professional relationships with other coworkers.

● Utilize school library resources.

● Work with the Academic Director to ensure initiatives are being met.

● Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.

● Prepare and distribute required reports.

● Observe and evaluate student's performance.

● Manage student behavior in the classroom by invoking approved disciplinary procedures.

● Interacts with parents and guardians in a professional and positive manner

Candidate Qualifications:

● Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

● Korean citizen or F-Series visa Holder

● Korean citizen should be able to teach using fluent English only

● Teacher with teaching experience preferred

● Teaching license preferred (any country)

- Salary: 2.4 to 2.8 million won depending on educational background, experience and qualification

- Working hours: 7:40 a.m. to 4:40 p.m

- Vacation: About 8 weeks a year -> 3 weeks of summer vacation, 3 weeks of winter vacation, 1 week of spring vacation, 1 week of Chuseok and Lunar New Year holidays (all including weekends), and other small holidays and national holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Labor Day

- Other benefits: 500,000 won per housing allowance or Housing / lunch provided / commuting bus service once in the morning and afternoon to commute from Migeum station house to school


[3-251-5] (near Migum station of Bundang line )


1. Start date: August 22nd

2. Position: Learning Support 1 person

3. Qualification requirements:
- Gender: Female

- E2 American, a Korean-American, an F visa holder and a Korean who has been educated in North America since elementary or middle school and obtained a degree / a native English speaker

- Instructors who understand the higher curriculum in the United States and can sit next to girls with special needs while teachers are teaching in English/Social Studies and Arts and Physical Education classes in G11

- Instructors who can also support students with academic support and various support necessary for school life

- It is important to form a 1:1 bond with students and spend a lot of time with one student, so above all, a warm-hearted, sincere, communicative and patient instructor is suitable

- Preferential treatment for instructors with experience in teaching students with special needs

4. Key tasks: sit next to English and social studies in the U.S. curriculum and arts classes as a class assistant to a female student with special needs in Grade 11 during 25 hours of class a week, and help her understand and follow the content. Write a simple report on your daily routine and deliver it to parents. Support not only for classes but also for the whole life of students while at school

5. Working hours: 7:40 a.m. to 4:40 p.m

6. Salary: 2.6 to 3.3

7. Vacation: About 8 weeks in total per year -> 3 weeks of summer vacation, 3 weeks of winter vacation, 1 week of spring vacation, 1 week of Chuseok and Lunar New Year holidays (including weekends), and other minor holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Labor Day

8. Other Benefits:

- Other benefits: 500,000 won per 500,000 won as housing allowance or single housing / lunch provided / commuting bus service once in the morning and afternoon to commute from Migeum station house to school


[8-524]  Location: Daejeon city

Location info:

Elementary Homeroom Teacher (1)

(Christian International school )

Teaching level: Elementary

– Working Schedule : M-F, 8:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM

- Starting Date : Mid Aug, 2022 ( 1-year commitment )

– Salary : 2.4 ~  KRW (Nego on experience)

 * Church organized Christian School

l * Paid Vacation Days : Summer-15 days/ Winter-15days

Full benefits( Choose one of air ticket or single housing in case teacher from overseas. In case teacher in Korea, School provide Single housing,medical insurance,National pension, end of bonus and visa sponsor, 30days holiday)

**Candidate Requirements: Must be a F-type visa holder (F4 or F6) - Bilingual or Native


[8-525-1] Location: Incheon city( Internaional school )


1. Teaching level: Elementary, Middle, High school

Subject: Math, Science 

Working hrs: 8:30am~5:30pm

Salary; 2.5 mil kwon~ nego

Starting date: Aug 22nd, 2022

*Paid vacation: Summer- 20 days/ Winter-40 days ( Total 60 days per a year)

*Lunch is provided

*Prefer hold Teacher's license

* F visa holder( Singe housing or housing allowance(400,000Kwon) is provided )

Korean passport holder( No housing provided )

* medical insurance,National pension, end of bonus


[8-525-2] Location: GangNam and Incheon ( International school ) 

Subject: Science- can teacher AP / Math- can teacher AP

Working hrs: 8:30am~5:30pm ( finishing time could be earlier )

Salary; 2.8 mil kwon~ nego

Starting date: Aug 22nd, 2022

* F visa Gyopo, E2 visa holder

* F visa ,E2 visa holder( Singel housing or housing allowance(400,000Kwon) is provided )

Korean passport holder( No housing provided )

* medical insurance,National pension, end of bonus


We have more positions except for above positions since teaching positions are being updated every day. Please follow us and we will do our best to find the right job for you.

Only selected teacher candidate will be contacted by a recruiter with ACE Career Consulting.

******** How to apply


Please email your formal resume and colored recent photo(+ If possible, send us Your Introduction video(1 min- bright & active) to

With the following fields:

( Pls don’t fill out our application form on Homepage )


* Teaching Experience ( ex. 2 yrs ):

* Nationality:

* Available Start date:

* Year of Birth:

* Marital status

* Preferred Location :

* Expected Salary Range:

* Your minimum expected salary:

* Your current location:

* Your current visa type:

* Preferred teaching age :

* Important factors in a position:

* Tel # or Skype ID or Kakao talk ID that We can reach you:

* Necessary E2 visa Documents that you have now :

* Have you ever received treatment for mental or emotional disorders or do you have any serious disease for the last 5 years?

To apply, email directly

( Pls don’t fill out our application form on Homepage )

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