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[FT&PT] Biz English Instructor/[PT] Online - Remote /[FT] Biz Communication Specialist – Intensive Program/Content Innovation Specialist – R&D/English Speaking Test Evaluator for Biz Professionals/ [FT/PT] Advanced Math Instructor /

Job Summary

Location Various or Jobs List
Contract Type Full-time, Part-time
Student Type Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adult / Business, Test Prep., Editing / RnD
Start Time Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Weekend Work
Visa Sponsorship Yes/Possibly
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details ACE Career Consulting
Added 2022-07-14
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Job Description

[FT&PT] Biz English Instructor

[Job Description]

·         Type of Class: Business English & Communication Skills (Speaking)

·         Students: Business Professionals

·         Levels: All levels

·         Class size: Group class and/or 1:1

·         Curriculum: Standardized Curriculum and Course Books (training provided)


[Basic Qualifications] 

·         Candidates with prior Experience in corporate field (over 1 years) or teaching business English (over 1 years) is preferred

·         Bachelor’s degree in Business, Education or English is preferred


[Full-Time Locations] 

A. [FT] Seoul/Gyeonggi (서울/경기)

·         Schedule varies depending on the main teaching location

·         Class Schedule: 4~8 teaching hours/day

o    Start Date: July 18th, 2022 (Training from July 11th)

§  Monday – Friday 11:30AM ~ 7:30PM

o    Start Date: September 1st, 2022 (Training from August 15th or 23rd)

§  Monday ~ Friday 7AM ~ 2PM or 8PM

§  Monday ~ Friday 7:30AM ~ 4:30PM

§  Monday ~ Friday 9AM ~ 6PM

§  Monday ~ Friday 10AM ~ 8PM

·         Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule

·         Training : one week before class commence at Apgujeong Center, Seoul



·         Based on 80 ~ 110 teaching hours: 2.23~2.68 million

·         Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will be provided for E2 and F visa only



[Part-Time Locations] 

B. [PT] Seoul & Gyoenggi  

·         Location/Start Date: Seoul Jongro / July 18th (서울 종로)

o    Tuesday&Wednesday 5PM ~ 6PM

·         Location/Start Date: Seoul Yongsan (서울 용산)

o    ASAP: Twice a week 7AM ~ 8AM

o    July 25th : Monday&Wednesday 2PM ~ 4PM

o    July 25th : Tuesday&Thursday 2PM ~ 4PM

·         Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule

·         Training Start Date: Three to five days at Apgujeong Center, Seoul

·         Starting from 30,000KRW per hour (Negotiable based on qualification)


C. [PT] Online - Remote (화상 강의)

  • Instructor may teach from home but must be residing in Korea to teach classes
  • Start Date/Available Schedule:

o    July 11th Wednesday 6:30AM ~ 7:30AM or 7AM ~ 8AM

o    July 18th: Monday ~ Friday 7PM ~ 10PM

o    July: Monday ~ Friday between 11AM ~ 8PM


  • Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule
  • Training Start Date: Three to five days at Apgujeong Center, Seoul
  • Starting from 30,000KRW per hour (Negotiable based on qualification)


D. [PT] Online Intensive - Remote (화상 인텐시브 강의)

  • Instructor must be residing in Korea to teach online classes

·         Available Schedule:

o    Monday ~ Friday 8AM ~ 6PM (8~9 hours a day)

o    1 , 2, or 4-week intenisves available throughout the year

  • Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule

·         Start Date:  August 22nd, or August 29th

  • Training Start Date: Three to five days at Apgujeong Center, Seoul
  • Starting from 30,000KRW per hour (Negotiable based on qualification)
  • May work up to 45 hours a week and make up to 2,700,000KRW for two weeks

 2. [FT] Biz Communication Specialist – Intensive Program

[Job Description]

·         Teach Business skills & speaking proficiency enhancement modules using standardized materials & curriculum

·         Utilize a variety of the training methodologies, techniques, concepts, learning tools, and practices to ensure maximum effectiveness of training program

·         Manage trainees’ learning and regularly track and report progress through LMS

·         Provide targeted academic coaching/counseling services for trainees

·         Continuously endeavor to improve the learning methods, environment, and overall learning experience


[Basic Qualifications]

·         Must have at least 1 year of business English teaching or ESL teaching experiences

·         Demonstrated ability to assess trainees’ weaknesses and provide feedback and educational road-mapping

·         Demonstrated ability to lead, coach, and guide trainees of all types of backgrounds, positions, titles

·         Excellent written and verbal English communication skills

·         MS Office proficient (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

·         BA/MA in TESOL, Education, English, Linguistics, Journalism, Business is preferred


[Working Schedule/Salary]

A. [Full-Time] Gyeonggi Yongin Mabuk & Seoul

·         Monday to Friday 8AM ~ 8PM (lunch, dinner, and snack break will be provided)

·         Main office is located in Seoul and training/teaching facility located at Yongin

·         Recommended to stay at the Yongin training facility Monday to Friday (if not, required to drive own car to commute)

·         Accommodation and 3 meals provided if stay at training facility

·         Office work can be assigned at main office in Seoul 

·         Monday to Friday 110 hours of guaranteed teaching per month

·         Start Date: August ~ November 2022 / Negotiable

·         Training Start Date: July ~ October 2022 (at SPEP Apgujeong Center, Seoul)



·         About 3.5 million based on 160 teaching hours

·         Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will be provided for E2 and F visa only

·         Business trip fee compensated based on company policy

·         Subject to change depends on lecture hours/office work hours



[FT/Non-Teaching] Content Innovation Specialist – R&D


 [Job Description Overview]

A Content Innovation Specialist executes plans for the writing, editing, and production of content throughout its development. He/she collaborates with other content innovation specialists on the instructional design and development of program, course, and textbook content, under the leadership and direction of the Program Architect and/or Content Innovation Project Manager.


[Position Requirements] 

·         Must be able to demonstrate complete mastery of written and verbal English

·         Outstanding written and grammar skills in English

·         Excellent proofreading/editing/revision skills & extremely detail-oriented

·         Must have prior adult ESL content & curriculum development experience

·         BA/MA in Translation, TESOL, Education, English, Linguistics, Journalism

·         MS Office proficient (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

·         Bilingual in English and Korean preferred



·         Seoul, Apgujeong Station

·         Monday to Friday 9:00AM ~ 6:00PM

·         Some Saturdays will be required

·         Start Date: Negotiable / ASAP ~ October 2022



·         Starting from 2.7 million per month (including housing stipend only for foreign employees)

·         Negotiable based on qualification


[Positions & Duties]

A. [FT] Must have Native English Level of Fluency

·         Generate ideas for concept development and raw content creation on development projects.

·         Create a wide range of learning content for both online and offline learning.

·         Review and understand the approved instructional design, syllabus, course configuration, content map, development schedule.

·         Aim to create 100% original content within the parameters of the project scope and established development guidelines.

·         Participate in the preparation and conduction of audio/video recordings of developed content, including script writing, editing, and revisions.

·         Collaboratively plan, develop and conduct workshops/seminars/presentations in English/Korean for staff and clients.


B. [FT] Must be Bilingual in Korean and English

·         모바일 app 및 디지털 컨텐츠 제작 업무 담당 (**약 40-60%)

o    음성/영상 컨텐츠 기획 추진

o    일정관리, 성우 섭외, 일정 회람/내부 커뮤니케이션 (이메일/) 담당 (영어 + 한국어)

o     영문/한글 컨텐츠 개발 지원, 영문 script (문장단위) 또한 영어 dialogue 컨텐츠 개발, 어휘/표현 선발

o    녹음/녹화 현장 관리/감독 (외국인 성우들에게 feedback 및 guidance)

o    개발물 내용 정리, 보고 및 관리 (워드, 엑셀, ppt, 음성/영상 파일, 등)

·         교재 및 특정 on/offline 컨텐츠 번역 업무 (**약 40-60%)

o    다양한 비즈니스 및 일상 주제 관련 컨텐츠 번역 (경제, 기술, 정치, 사회, 트렌드, 이슈, 등)

o    비즈니스 또한 일상 대화 (dialogue) 개발 또한 번역

o    영-한/한-영 컨텐츠 번역 a 단어-문장-달락-기사/article 단위로 모두 가능함

o    내부/외주 번역물 최종 검수 책임 자

·         신규 프로젝트 - 비즈니스 영어 교재, 프로그램, 행사, 등 기획/개발 지원 (**약 10-20%)

o    컨텐츠의 방향 설정을 위한 기본 리서치/조사 자료 분석/정리 및 content curation (내/외부 source)

o    영어 장문 한국어로 요약/ 한글 장문 영어로 요약

o    음성/영상 transcription 작업, 내용 분석/정리, 어휘/표현 선발 작업

o    기획/개발단에서 필요한 기타 행정적인 지원

·         업무 배분 비율은 월/시즌/개발 cycle에 따라 유동적



 [FT Non-teaching] English Speaking Test Evaluator for Biz Professionals

[Job Description Overview]

We are currently looking for qualified individuals to join our growing team of oral proficiency evaluators. New hires will conduct speaking evaluation tests for various business professionals working in large multinational corporations. Extensive domestic travel is involved with this position as it is a person-to-person speaking test. This is a stable and dynamic position which allows for professional development and extensive experience within a corporate environment.


[Job Description]

·         Comprehensive training and scoring calibration exercises

·         On-site interview and speaking evaluation

·         Secondary evaluation of interviews for accuracy

·         Test and score analysis reports

·         Data entry and other administrative tasks



·         Based in Seoul, Apgujeong Station

·         Business trips throughout Korea will be required

·         5 days a week from 9am to 6pm

·         Saturdays will be required depending on testing schedule

·         Actual working hours may vary due to testing schedule

·         Start Date: Negotiable / July ~ September 2022


[Basic Qualifications] 

·         Must have a native English speaking proficiency level with clear, coherent pronunciation

·         Professional demeanor, attitude, appearance, and ability to properly conduct oneself in a manner befitting the environment

·         Meticulous attention to detail and analytical skills for question development and score analysis reports

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         Oral proficiency assessment experience a plus

·         English teaching experience preferred



·         About 3 million KRW based on 160 Working hours per month

·         Business trip fee compensated per company policy  

·         Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will only be available for foreign employees

·         (subject to change depends on working hours)


·         (Subject to change depends on working hours


 [FT/PT] Advanced Math Instructor 


·         Must be able to teach different level of math including SAT Math 2 and AP Calculus


[Location/Working Conditions]

·         Seoul, Apgujeong (Subway Line. no. 3) 

·         Must be flexible with working schedule including Saturday

·         Regular & Tutoring: Monday ~ Saturday

o    Weekdays: Afternoons ~ Evenings (around 3PM ~ 9:30PM)

o    Saturdays: Mornings ~ Afternoons (around 9AM ~ 6PM)

·         Summer/Winter breaks: Monday ~ Friday

o    Mornings ~ Afternoons

·         Further details of class schedule, size, etc., will be discussed during the interview

·         Start Date: July 2nd (preferred) or August 2nd


[PT Compensation]

·         45,000KRW ~ 100,000KRW per hour

·         Negotiable based on experience and performance


[FT Salary]

·         Salary negotiable based on experience and performance

·         Starting from 2.39 million KRW (80 teaching hours guaranteed)

·         Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will be provided for E2 and F visa only

·         Subject to change depends on lecture hours/office work hours



12. [FT/PT] Junior Literature Instructor 


·         Seoul, Apgujeong (Subway Line. no. 3) 

·         Must be able to work on Saturday 

·         Available regular class schedules

o    Monday to Thursday 3:40PM ~ 6:40PM

o    Saturday 9AM ~ 12:30PM & 2PM ~ 5:30PM

o    Summer/Winter: morning intensives will be assigned

·         Private tutoring classes can be assigned outside of regular classes

·         Further details of class schedule, size, etc., will be discussed during the interview

·         Start Date: July 2nd (preferred) or August 2nd

·         Training Start: Training provided for one week before the class commences


[PT Compensation]

·         25,000KRW per hour (negotiable based on experience and performance)

·         Saturday morning (10AM ~ 1PM) is most needed


[FT Salary]

·         Based on 80 teaching hours: 2.23 million KRW

·         Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will only be available for E2 and F visa holders

·         (Subject to change depends on working hours)



We have more positions except for above positions since teaching positions are being updated every day. Please follow us and we will do our best to find the right job for you.

Only selected teacher candidate will be contacted by a recruiter with ACE Career Consulting.

******** How to apply


Please email your formal resume and colored recent photo(+ If possible, send us Your Introduction video(1 min- bright & active) to

With the following fields:

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* Teaching Experience ( ex. 2 yrs ):

* Nationality:

* Available Start date:

* Year of Birth:

* Marital status

* Preferred Location :

* Expected Salary Range:

* Your minimum expected salary:

* Your current location:

* Your current visa type:

* Preferred teaching age :

* Important factors in a position:

* Tel # or Skype ID or Kakao talk ID that We can reach you:

* Necessary E2 visa Documents that you have now :

* Have you ever received treatment for mental or emotional disorders or do you have any serious disease for the last 5 years?

To apply, email directly

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To apply, email


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