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Public Schools in the Gyeongsangnamdo Region with EPIK contract

Job Summary

Contract Type Full-time
Student Type Elementary, Middle School, High School
Visa Sponsorship Yes/Possibly
Salary 2.2m-2.95m won per month
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details Korean Horizons
Added 2018-11-06

Job Description

Gyeongsangnamdo ( Public Schools Available.


Start dates of 1st March 2019.  All contracts are for 365 days.


This is the south-eastern province which surrounds the 2nd biggest city in Korea – Busan.  This region boast warm temperate environment, beautiful locations and logistical connectivity via the KTX throughout the county.  The main city – Changwon – has a population of 1m people and we also have a lot of county locations with bullet-speed internet!


These positions are with the Provincial Office of Education – the Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education (GOE)


They come with EPIK employment contracts.  By coming through the POE; you can choose the city or county you like – a benefit that is not available if you apply through EPIK.  Another benefit is that you can have a choice between a public elementary, middle or high school.


Hours are 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday.  A wholly-inclusive working environment where you can lesson plan at the school – you wouldn’t have to take any work home.


This is a provincial region and therefore the salary range is the highest – 2.2m-2.95m per month; depending on your resume, the location you choose and whether or not you have multiple schools.  Also; if you provide a residency certificate from your country; it can be tax free too.


Benefits include :

•         Rent-free single furnished apartment near your school

•         300,000 won one-time settlement allowance

•         Round-trip airfare allowance of 2,600,000 won

•         18 working days paid vacation + national holidays (5 weeks in total)

•         Medical contributions

•         Pension contributions

•         1 month salary bonus on completion of contract

•         Sick paid leave allowance

•         Special leave allowance

•         1 week additional paid vacation (6 weeks in total) if you renew your contract after the first year + increase in pay + renewal bonus 2.0m won

•         Korean co-teacher to assist with your classes


As a Korean Horizons Teacher, you will also receive :

  1. Airport pickup, hotel for 1 evening & transport to the education office / school.
  2. Free Dinner and breakfast together with us + all of the arrival teachers
  3. Introduction pack (including a Travel Adapter, a Travel Card, a Travel Guide, a Lonely Planet Phrasebook & other goodies)
  4. Order anything you like using our interest-free Supermarket credit service from any online Korean store & pay us back once you get paid your salary.


We also act as a support function before you arrive – and during & throughout your entire time here in South Korea. 


If you would like to apply; complete an online application seen here : or email your resume to and quote "GOE public school"

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