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TutorEye - Online ESL Teacher Job

Job Summary

Company TutorEye
Hourly Pay $5 - $8
Class Time Zone Unspecified
Student Type Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary
+ Native Speakers Only No / Unspecified
+ Degree Required No / Unspecified
+ Certificate Required No / Unspecified
+ Experience Required No / Unspecified
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details
Added 2020-03-21
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Job Description

Teach with TutorEye

TutorEye Online Tutoring Site


TutorEye Review:  TutorEye is 1-on-1 classes.  This is a create your profile online tutoring site. The platform runs in a web browser. You will get training in the platform before you start. You will get paid via PayPal or Bank account. You must have indepth knowledge it what you are teaching. Pay rate $5 – $8 per hour.

How does work? is a wonderful online solution for every parent whose child is on the brink of choosing the path that will help him forge his career ahead. Here our mission is to provide an efficient, individualized online tutoring service that can help school and college going students, every day.

It is a fully online tutoring service with 1000’s of fun & short videos and quizzes from best teachers across the world. A student can get unlimited access to all the courses and a tutor 24/7 in Math, Science, English and various Test Preps. Learning sessions take place in our easy-to-use online classroom, which runs in the web browser. Our tutors provide one-to-one tuition through our online classroom removing the hassle and cost of travelling. Students can enjoy tuition from their home at their own comfort level.

What training do I need before I can take an online session?

Prior to the first online session, you must be familiar with the whiteboard/voice software. Individual tutors, once their profiles are approved, will receive information regarding training to use the whiteboard/voice software. The software is easy to learn and user-friendly, and it requires no tech knowledge.

If any further assistance or training is needed, then please contact our support team. We will be happy to assist you with any help you need.

How do I request my payout?

You will never have to request any payment. Payments are automatically done. We will send you the details in Tutor Terms of Service. You must provide us your PayPal account email in your profile or your Bank Account Details. If you have any questions on your payment disbursement, please contact our support team anytime.

How will tutor be matched with a student?

Students will find you in the tutor directory based on your subject areas/topics. They will contact you directly by sending you a private message or scheduling a session during one of your available times.

How can I attract students?

Here are our top tips for attracting more students and booking more sessions:

  • To begin with, you must have an in-depth knowledge of your subject. That alone is not enough. You must be a friendly, understanding and approachable with the knowledge of student psychology to generate great reviews from students. You should have a lot of patience and tolerance to not just become a good teacher but a mentor as well.

  • You must prepare your topic for the scheduled session in advance and should be ready for all the questions and queries related to that topic.

  • For online sessions, you must have a fast and reliable internet connection and must have thoroughly practiced with and understood the tutoring software.

  • You must be punctual for your sessions. Login, at least, 10 minutes before your session.

  • Students can cancel sessions. If for any reason a session does not go well (which we do not expect from our tutors) you can honestly inform the student, after clicking at the void, that he/she can change the tutor and will not be charged for the session.

  • Students review a tutor after each session, and a bad review score or negative comments will be archived in your tutoring record. If you feel that you have done your job quite well, and still student has left a negative remark, you can write to our TutorEye Support Team, and we will look into the matter personally.

  • Make your profile impressive, include a profile image, and select as many subjects/topics as possible.

  • Collect ratings and reviews (but this comes with time). If you are looking to improve your profile quickly, you could ask your students to kindly rate you after the session.

  • Keep your availability flexible. If your available times don’t match with your potential students’, they won’t book you. Keep your timezone in mind as you select your timeslots — TutorEye is 24/7, and its students are all over the globe.

  • Respond quickly and be helpful & polite when an inquiring student sends you a direct message.

  • As soon as you get a student who is only interested in answers, you should tell him politely that this is not an answer giving site, and if he doesn’t want to understand the concepts, you can stop teaching him.

  • You should not worry about the threats of bad remarks by the students. The TutorEye Team will review their lessons and if we found everything alright, their bad remarks would be deleted.

  • Tutors don’t have to care about the students who don’t respect them. If any child leaves a bad remark after a good lesson, they can mail to the support team and our team will take care of that issue.

  • What is expected from me in the session?

    A tutoring session on TutorEye is meant to simulate a typical in-person tutoring session. You are expected to make your students comfortable and help them master topics they’re struggling with in a very friendly way. You should encourage students to ask more and more questions on their queries. You should not just act like a teacher but try to become a mentor and guide the students for their future aspirations as well.

    How much does an average tutor earn on TutorEye

    Tutor earning is totally dependent on the hard work and time devoted by the tutors on More hours you teach, more earnings you get. It depends on your country of residence and your review feedback from students

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