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TakeLessons Jobs - Online ESL Teaching Jobs from Home

Job Summary

Company TakeLessons
Hourly Pay $6 - $15
Min. Weekly Hours 0
Class Time Zone Unspecified
Student Type Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary
+ Native Speakers Only No / Unspecified
+ Degree Required No / Unspecified
+ Certificate Required No / Unspecified
+ Experience Required No / Unspecified
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details
Added 2020-03-21
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Job Description

Teach with Takelessons


TakeLessons Online Tutoring Site

Takelessons Review: At TakeLessons, you simply add them to your profile. You must be able to work in the US and have a US bank account. You set your own rates $6 – $15 for a 30-minute class. They are a good company.

Teach what you love with TakeLessons

Teaching Jobs

How it Works


Create a professional profile

Put some love into building a rich profile that shows off your skills and experience


Receive fully-paid students

We handle booking and payments so you never have to buy or bid for leads


Keep students learning

Help your students learn new skills each month and we’ll give you an extra $ bonus

Why teach through TakeLessons?


You’ll receive paid students

Unlike other companies, TakeLessons does the heavy lifting to deliver fully paid students directly to you


You’ll be part of a community

Share ideas and best practices with thousands of teachers across the US and around the world


You’ll have 100% flexibility

Enjoy being your own boss, setting your own prices, availability, and teaching subjects you love in-person or online


You’ll eliminate busywork

As your active partner, we handle all the marketing and billing for students so you can focus on teaching


lessons taught


in teacher earnings


student reviews


earned by top teacher


Online Lessons

Expand your reach by teaching online. Check out some our top subjects for online lessons.




Make an impact on students everywhere

Earn money everywhere you go through flexible teaching locations in-person and online


Teach locally

Choose your favorite teaching spotYou select where you’d like to teach, perhaps a cozy coffee shop, local library, or your home

Travel to studentsSet your travel area and visit your students to teach lessons on the go around town

Teach online

Expand your reachConnect with even more students by teaching online lessons to students all over the US and around the globe

Online teaching made easyTakeLessons Classroom provides the easiest way to conduct professional online video lessons, no hassles or downloads


What TakeLessons teachers have to say


“Just this past month they’ve gotten me 4 more students. I may even raise my rates! It’s awesome. One step closer to my dream of living and working at the beach and I owe most of that to TakeLessons.”

Philip F.

Earned $22k


“Just had my highest earning week on TL since I joined the community April 2015!! TakeLessons is life!! Love you guys so much!”

Reina M.

Earned $20k


“Business is booming – I have added 3 new students and have spoken with 7 other potential new students over the past two days. PROOF again that this works!”

Arlys A.

Earned $35k


“Just wanted to say a quick note of thanks to the TL team. Thank you TL for sending quality, long-term students for me to fill in the day when I’m not at the studio!!”

Barbee M.

Earned $30k

Real success stories from our community


“It’s raining students!!! I have gotten 10 (ten!!!!) new students in the last week, including 3 just today. Before TakeLessons, I worked online for an Asian based ESL company. I used to hate my job. There was so much stress. When I got enough TakeLessons students last December, I was able to stop giving classes with the other company. My husband comments all the time how much less stressed I am and how much I laugh when I am working now. I am so happy with my TL experience. I have only been with them since last October. I had a handful of students early on but then my schedule blew up at Xmas time. Right now I have 37 active students. It has helped me grow my business as a self-employed person. I love making my own schedule, being my own boss and controlling the way I teach and the materials I use. And for the first time since I finished school, I am putting money away each week and thinking about purchasing a home within the next year.”
– Sara



“Shout out to TL! I market with “other lessons companies” and they are not nearly as organized and well managed as the TakeLessons team. They know our time as busy teachers is valuable and that we do not have time to deal with unnecessary tasks. #blessed”
– Robert

– Nicholas


“My business wouldn’t be a business if it were not for TL. There once was a time when I was struggling with two jobs and the additional money I made from teaching kept me alive. I can honestly say that I would not be in the position I’m in today without TL. Today, I use the tools that TL provides on a daily basis whether it is plugging my site on social media, checking my schedule, looking at my income in terms of positive or negative gain. It all adds up. Can’t say enough good things.”
– Jason



“I have been with TakeLessons for several years now and am so grateful for all of the wonderful students they have brought my way!! They have played a significant part in allowing me to do what I love full time. I will be forever grateful for the support, encouragement, resources and incredible opportunities that TakeLessons has provided me. Please know how much what you do is valued and appreciated by all of us who continue to benefit from all of your hard work and dedication!”
– Michelle


“I started with TakeLessons about 4 years ago, when our family was struggling financially. I have since made connections with some wonderful people I would have otherwise never met. I have grown my business both in my home and out and have much more confidence as a professional. TakeLessons is wonderful and I am grateful to get to work with their team.”
– Anna


“Yesterday I tried the TakeLessons platform. I had never tried it because anything related to technology scares me :). But it was so easy and so helpful. The student loved it. It really makes you look more professional. Great job. Thank you!”
– Sofia


“In my opinion, TakeLessons not only sends us students but helps us to be more entrepreneurial, to build ourselves as business owners. Thank you TakeLessons for helping me get to the next level in my career!”
– Rosita


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