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Online teacher for MoTalk

Job Summary

Company Connecting Point Recruiting
Hourly Pay $18-25
Min. Weekly Hours varies
Class Time Zone UTC+8, China
Class Start Time 6pm / 7pm / 8pm, Weekend
Student Type Kindergarten, Elementary
+ Native Speakers Only Yes
+ Degree Required Yes
+ Certificate Required Yes
+ Experience Required Yes
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details Connecting Point Recruiting
Added 2018-11-10

Job Description

Attention experienced teachers! Are you ready to work with a company that values your intelligence, your teaching skills, and your awesome ability to manage children in a group setting? Then MoTalk is looking for you.

You have many questions. So here are the answers!

1. Who will I be teaching? Of course, you want to know that your students will be Chinese students that are in elementary or middle school. These students come from top 10 schools in China so their parents have both academic and conduct expectations for their children. 

2. What will I be teaching? Good news! You will create your own curriculum based upon texts that MoTalk provides. I'm currently teaching very engaging reading lessons. Why are they engaging? Because I made them myself! I was not limited by a pre-made curriculum that was riddled with errors and mistakes. I created this highly captivating curriculum that guides students through the learning process.

3. When will I teach? Of course, when will your lessons be held? The times for lessons are from 6:00-9:20 daily. The lessons are one hour long. The students will book lessons up to 20 weeks at a time so you will have a steady income.

4. When will I be paid and how much? You will be paid every two weeks via Pay Pal. Isn't that great news? No more waiting a month between pay days! Pay range is between $18-25 per hour.

So, there are the basic facts for you, fine teachers. Here are few requirements:

  • Teachers must be Native English Speakers.
  • Teachers must have classroom teaching experience.
  • Teachers with a TEFL or TESOL certificate are preferred.
  • Teachers must be able to create, teach, and practice standard classroom management techniques such as keeping students on task, engaging students in the lesson, redirecting problematic conduct. (Really, it's all about managing the classroom! Just some big words to let you know that this is YOUR online classroom and the rules are up to you. Keep the children learning, on task, and engaged. It's a piece of cake if you are an experienced teacher! ???)
  • Online teaching experience with Zoom is helpful.

There it is, great educators! This could be the opportunity you are waiting for! Regular students, your own curriculum, a company that values you. What are you waiting for? 

If this job sounds like a winner to you, please send your resume, your cover letter, an introductory video of 30-60 seconds long to me . . . .! Don't forget to send your SKYPE ID as well. I look forward to connecting you to a wonderful job with MoTalk.







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