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Job Summary

Company DaDaABC
Hourly Pay Up to $25
Min. Weekly Hours 4
Class Time Zone UTC+8, China
Class Start Time 6pm / 7pm / 8pm, 9pm / 10pm / 11pm, Weekend
Student Type Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School
+ Native Speakers Only Yes
+ Degree Required No / Unspecified
+ Certificate Required No / Unspecified
+ Experience Required No / Unspecified
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details
Added 2018-11-03

Job Description

DaDaABC is an online language school offering one-to-one English classes for young learners 5 to 16 years old.

We are recruiting part-time Fluent English-speaking teachers, who can give fun and interactive English classes to our students via video-conference.

* Make up to $25/h

What we expect from you:

– Passport holder of: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand

– Fast internet connection


What we offer:

– Up to $25/h

– Contract: 6 or 12 month

– Working hrs/week Min : 4, Max : 20

– Teaching time: (Mon-Fri) 18:00-21:00  (Sat &Sun) 10:00-12:06,14:00-16:06,18:04-21:14.(GMT+8)

– Incentives

– Paid contracted non-teaching hours

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$ 19.99   $ 9.99부터   한 달에$ 49.99   이력서 액세스

가입 필요 없음

신용카드/PayPal로 결제 가능

최대 15개의 Facebook
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최대 50% 할인

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이력서 무료 열람

Facebook에 무료 홍보


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한 달에 $49.99에 언제든지 원하는만큼 많은 채용공고를 등록하십시오.


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