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BuddySchool Tutor - Teach English Online Part Time

Job Summary

Company BuddySchool
Hourly Pay $5 - $20
Min. Weekly Hours 0
Class Time Zone Unspecified
Student Type Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary
+ Native Speakers Only No / Unspecified
+ Degree Required No / Unspecified
+ Certificate Required No / Unspecified
+ Experience Required No / Unspecified
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details
Added 2020-03-20
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Job Description

Teach with BuddySchool

BuddySchool Online Tutoring Site


BuddySchool Review:  Buddy School has been around for some time now. They allow for native and non-native English teachers. Pay rate is $5 – $20 per hour. You can teach elementary on the platform. You do not need a degree. You can teach with your own material. You can teach with the curriculum below with BuddySchool. 

  1.  How to start teaching?

    To start teaching at BuddySchool, just follow these few simple steps:

      • Pick your user name and create a Free Acount! 
      • Log-in and complete your settings. Add your photo! Tutors with a picture receive more lessons than those without one!
      • Click on Teach from the top menu. Follow the instructions and create your first tutor profile. Tell students about yourself – your experience, fees, if you want to offer free test lessons etc.
      • Declare your availability in BuddySchool Calendar.
      • Activate your profile and start to teach!

     How can I activate my profile?​

  3. BuddySchool is totally free to register but will charge you for your tutor profiles activation. To activate your profile just click on green button ACTIVATE in the Tutor profiles section.  Activation of each tutor profile costs $1 per month, $5 per half a year and $10 per year. You can extend your profile any time you want to.

  4. If you want to buy credits, please click Buy credits at the top of the page. Enter the amount of credits you wish to buy (1 credit costs 1 US dollar) and click one more time on the Buy credits button. A few moments after a successfull payment, your credits will shown up in your account.

    There are no other mandatory fees. Please note that activation can be paid with PayPal or a credit or debit card.

  5. Where can I see my scheduled lessons?

    To see the details of all the lessons booked by your students, go to the Teaching section.  You can easily access each lesson details in Lessons section or simply check your Calendar.

  6. How do I get paid?

    Student pays for each lesson in advance, so you can be always sure that you’ll be paid for you effort. You can send a withdrawal request 24 hours after the lesson is finished in the “Buy credits” section and you’ll receive money up to 1 business day to your PayPal account.

    All your current and previous payment history you’ll find in the Check earnings section.

  7. How can I tell my students when I'm available?

    You can declare your availability on the Calenar page from the Tutor’s section. Students will see the hours you set when they look through your profile. You can set a one-off time period, such as “2013-08-13 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm” or regular hours, such as “every Monday from 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm”.

  8. Can I use teaching materials during the lesson?

    Yes, BuddySchool provides a tool for you to create and store teaching materials which you can use during the lesson.
    All lesson materials can be uploaded and stored in your Media library section. Teachers can upload all types of files: texts, photos, pictures, videos and audio recordings. Once uploaded, the materials can be assigned to any upcoming lesson as shared materials. When the lesson starts you and your student will be able to open and use the shared files.
    For each lesson you may also add notes or reminders for yourself of the activities to be taken at this point of the lesson. These reminders will not be visible to the student during the lesson.

    Here’s how you upload a document and assign it to the lesson.

    • Start off by accessing your Media profile page at the top of the BuddySchool page and adding new materials. Click on the button Add media.
    • Once you upload the material and when a student schedules a lesson, you may share it on the lesson page.
      Go to the lesson screen and click on ADD FROM MEDIA LIBRARY. You can simply grab specific files to the Drag files here field.
    • When the lesson starts both you and the student will be able to open the shared materials and use it as teaching aids. Please remember that your student will be able to upload the shared materials only during the lesson.
  9. How can I find students?

    There are 4 keys to becoming a successful tutor in BuddySchool:

      This one is the most important! Just like in eBay, students look for tried and experienced tutors, with good feedback from other students. Tutor Score is the measure of your reputation and skills. To make sure you receive feedback after each lesson, ALWAYS ask the student to schedule the lesson in BuddySchool. If the lesson is not recorded in the system, the student can’t leave feedback for it.  Also, after each lesson is finished, leave your feedback for the student!
    • BE ACTIVE!
      Log in often, check your email and don’t let students wait too long for your reply. If you don’t reply before the requested time of the lesson, you will lose that student forever. BuddySchool will send an email to you each time you receive a message from the student, but to make absolutely sure you never miss a new lesson, you can enter your phone number in your profile, and we will send you SMS each time you receive a new request for lesson. Best part – it’s free ? 
      Add your photo and detailed information about yourself and your experience. Tutors with a photo receive more lessons than those without one!


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