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Antoree Online Teaching

Job Summary

Company Antoree
Hourly Pay $4 - $11
Min. Weekly Hours 0
Class Time Zone UTC+7, S.E. Asia
Student Type Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary
+ Native Speakers Only No / Unspecified
+ Degree Required No / Unspecified
+ Certificate Required No / Unspecified
+ Experience Required No / Unspecified
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details
Added 2020-03-20
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Job Description

Teach with Antoree

Antoree Online Tutoring Site


Review of Antoree is a Vietnamese based online ESL site. You will create your own lessons. Here is a curriculum you could use on their platform.

They have 24/7 class availability. All classes are taught through Skype. The pay rate ranges from $4-$11.

How we work on you

Become our teacher

Register to become an online English teacher at Antoree, our Teacher Success Department will contact and guide you through the recruitment process, from application submission until becoming an active Antoree teacher.

Make a great profile

Be reminded that the Teacher profile is your first impression with the students. It represents YOU. The students will decide to choose whether to study with you or not at first mostly based on your teacher profile. A good profile should acquire a formal profile picture, a good voice recording and an impressive introduction/teaching information.

Flexible teaching

Teachers at Antoree can choose to take classes based on their available time. There is no requirement about the minimum/maximum number of teaching hours a teacher must have. It depends mostly on your available time. The more available time that you have, the more classes that you can take.

Build your own network & reputation

Connect with many professional teachers with different backgrounds and expertise at Antoree. Friendly and active environment for sharing teaching methods, experiences and knowledge.

Get paid

Gain teaching online experience to improve your income with competitive salary rate, bonus and referral compensation.

Change the old way of teaching

Access a thousand of hungry learners all around the world at home


This is more for Non-native teachers.


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