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2 Part-time teachers - LiNK English Language Program (online)

Job Summary

Company Liberty in North Korea
Hourly Pay 35,000KRW/class hour
Min. Weekly Hours 6
Class Time Zone UTC+9, Korea/Japan
Student Type University, Adult / Business
+ Native Speakers Only Yes
+ Degree Required Yes
+ Certificate Required Yes
+ Experience Required Yes
Please mention ESLROK when applying!
Contact Details Liberty in North Korea
DON'T APPLY THROUGH "QUICK APPLY" but submit your resume through this form:
Added 2021-06-11
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Job Description


*** DON'T APPLY THROUGH "QUICK APPLY" but submit your resume through this form.


LiNK English Language Program

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is a global movement and international NGO working for the freedom of all North Korean people. 

LiNK is launching a new ONLINE English Language program for young resettled North Koreans this summer. 

The program is designed to build the capacity of young resettled North Koreans in their 20s and 30s by improving their English speaking abilities, which is one of the biggest challenges they face in their education and career.

The program consists of 1) SMALL GROUP CONVERSATION CLASS to learn conversational English from their teachers and 2) 1:1 HANG OUT BUDDY to practice what they learn with volunteer conversation partners. 

We are currently looking for 2 PART-TIME teachers who have more than 2 years teaching experience. Each teacher will be in charge of teaching two different small group classes, three lessons a week per class (1 hour per lesson, total of 6 teaching hours per week).  


01. Work Type: PART TIME (Online)

02. Responsibilities

  1. Teach basic/intermediate level conversational English to two small group online classes (4-6 students) using Google Classroom. Curriculum and textbooks will be provided. 

    1. Help students learn and practice conversational English in fun ways

    2. Assign and evaluate homework

      1. Includes creating assignments for students to practice conversations with their 1:1 hangout buddy

    3. Assist students with preparing for their monthly speech based on what they learn 

  2. Conduct online 1:1 placement and exit tests for all of your students

    1. Analyze test results and communicate progress with each student

  3. Submit class reports

    1. Student attendance

    2. Assignment check

    3. Monitoring & evaluation of students’ performance and progress

  4. Contribute to the improvement of the program and the curriculum via feedback and debrief sessions


03. Requirements

  1. Native English speaker

  2. 2+ years experience teaching ESL (preferably to adults)

  3. ESL teaching credentials (CELTA, TEFL certificate, etc.)

  4. Good classroom and time management skills

  5. Student-centered teaching mindset

  6. Able to participate in the teachers training on June 30th 

  7. Access to a computer, webcam, reliable internet connection and microphone 

  8. Currently resides in South Korea

    1. Please note that Korean work visas are NOT sponsored. If you are not a Korean citizen you should have a valid visa, eg. E2 (회화지도), F2 (거주), F4 (재외동포), F5 (영주), or F6 (결혼). 

    2. Kindly note that E2 visa holders can apply, but before the interview we will need approval from your main employer, who sponsors your E2 visa, that you can work for another institution.


04. Preferences

  1. Fluent in Korean language
  2. Experienced in online small group English teaching

  3. Experienced in developing or monitoring & evaluating English language curricula 

  4. Passionate about the North Korean issue or supporting refugee/migrant populations


05. Timeline

  1. Semester Schedule: 6/30 - 8/27   

    1. In-person training for teachers in Seoul: 6/30 

    2. Online 1:1 test for all students (conducted by the teacher, at the LiNK Seoul Office):

      1. Entrance test: 7/1 - 7/2, 9am - 11:30am (TBD)

      2. Exit test: 8/25 (a specific time will be confirmed during the class hours)

    3. Start of classes: 7/7 

    4. Two debrief sessions with teachers during the semester.

  2. Class Hours:

    1. Mon/Wed/Fri, 9am - 11:30am (two classes per day) 

    2. Each class is 1 hour with a 30 minutes break for preparation

      1. First class: 9:00-10:00

      2. Second class: 10:30-11:30


06. Payment

  1. 35,000 KRW per class hour (including entrance/exit test. Training and debrief sessions will not be compensated)

  2. Kindly note that 3.3% tax will be deducted. Payment will be made every four weeks.


07. How to apply

  1. Submit this form by June 23rd

  2. If we decide to proceed with an interview, you will be requested to prepare the following:

    1. A 5-minute mock lesson to conduct during the interview (based on a 50-minute teaching plan)


If you have any questions, please contact Sooji Han at

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