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Time Travel in Seochon

[Time Travel in Seochon]

Do you want to do time travel?
If you want to escape from the modern city life and get relaxed, Seochon is the perfect place for you! Seochon is the west side of Gyeongbokgung palace. It is also in the modern area but it is a very old-fashioned city. You can feel like you are in Seoul of the 1980s.
First : Korea's Traditional market Tour 
There is a traditional market, Tongin market in Sechon. we are going to have a special lunch at the Tongin market. You can enjoy different kinds of Korean food such as Topokki, Pajeon, Koreans sweet fried chicken, Janchi Noodles, and Gimbap at the same time. We are going experience those traidional food at the Yeopjeon lunchbox cafe by using Yeopjeon( old brass coin). All you have to do is pick any food you want and put them in your lunchbox! 

Second : Walk around the Seochon and play Korea's old electronic game. 
After lunch, we are going to walk along the alley of Seochon. There are many beautiful and antique stores and cafe. It looks like time is going slowly only in Seochon. We are going to take some pictures and visit any stores you want to go. After then, I will show you Korea's old electronic arcade, Oakin Amusement Arcade and play some old games.
Third : Feel the nature and get relaxed. 
You can feel the nature in the middle of the city. There is an Inwang mountain in Seochon. There is a small valley called Swoseong(means loud sound of the water in the valley). We are going to get relaxed sitting in the gazebo and watch the beautiful scenery of mountain.


[Korea Tour with Locals?]

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(Yeouido) Explore Han River with tasty food

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