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Seoul Soccer Club

Welcome to Seoul Soccer Club. Anyone who loves the world game is welcome to join. We represent both genders, all ages, every corner of the globe, and all abilities. Whether you're in Seoul for a weekend, or you're a permanent resident, this is the club for you.

Just one thing. These are games played for enjoyment and exercise. Please don't place yourself or others at unnecessary risk of injury.

Our Matches

Matches are regulation 11 a side games, played on artificial turf. A standard match is a 2 hour session, broken into quarters. 25 minute quarters, with 5 minute breaks in between. Players are guaranteed at least 50 minutes playing time - usually you can play more.
Please arrive well before kickoff, to allow time for dressing, warm up and stretching.


Each match announcement will include the appropriate uniform color. A limited number of bibs are available for those unprepared. Usually, regular molded FG (firm ground) soles are recommended. Some fields with shorter turf, are better suited to wearing TF ( turf ) soles. Shin guards are optional, but recommended.


Asian football historically places higher emphasis on skill than physical play. As a result, what is a perfectly legal tackle in world football, will sometimes be called a foul in Korea. And just like anywhere, referees can make errors, or seem to favor one team. In every case, please just accept the referee’s decision. Play to the whistle. NEVER FIGHT, or abuse anyone. If that’s too hard, please join another club.

Remember, we are guests in two senses. As foreigners, we must respect the local customs and culture. Additionally, our club matches are all by invitation. It’s in everyone’s best interest to have a friendly game.

Our training sessions

Training sessions take place every Monday and Wednesday night, as well as Saturday afternoon. Players of all ability can improve their skills at these sessions. Fundamentals such as passing, shooting, crossing and ball control are the main focus. Each player is paired with someone of similar ability, to keep the drills challenging and interesting. The final stage is a Futsal match, followed by warm down and stretching.

How to join

Register on at:

Search for: Seoul Soccer Club. Registration is free. Just tell us your name, nationality, age, playing level and preferred position.

Initially, a match fee of W10,000 applies to all new members.

After a trial period ( up to you how long ), you may apply for full membership. Full membership costs W60,000.

Benefits include home and away uniforms ( shorts and jersey ). Also members enjoy discounted fees for all matches (W8,000) and training sessions (W9,000).

Laidback Gongju
Family and Joy in Korea

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