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Make your most memorable time in your life in fascinating spots.

Make your most memorable time in your life in fascinating spots.

This tour will take you to the upper side of Seoul called Yeonhui-dong and Yeonnam-dong.
It’ll be memorable time if you like nature, walking, hiking, shopping, eating and drinking.

You can enjoy hidden small garden, trail and small water fall in mountain called Ansan(An mountain). It’s actually located little bit above Yeonhui-dong but not that far. This place is slowly rising that most of people are local there. You can refresh yourself here.

And then, we are gonna take on a bus for about 5 min to get to Yeonhui-dong. When we get there, I plan to have Korean buckwheat noodle barbecued pork for lunch.
After that, we'll go inside Yeonhui alleys. You can see Korean local alleys with lots of houses. Also, there are some shops, cafes and studios so we can look around there slowly. One of them is 100% Korean organic food shop so you can experience traditional snacks there. Not so big area but you can feel peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.
You can try spicy stir-fried rice cake called Tteok-bokki at small grocery market where you can see a ton of unique snacks. There's also a photo spot called Yeonhui-dong photo studio. It's very antique and they take photography with analog film cameras. If you want to leave special memory, I recommend you to have your picture taken there. 
Another area, Yeonnam-dong mentioned above is very close so we're gonna walk down there. The alley culture is more developed than Yeonhui-dong. I want to take you to Dong-jin market where you can see lots of handmade jewelry. It opens only from Fri to Sun. While we go down for Hongik University station, we can stop by many charming handcraft studios. 
Lastly, we'll have cup-steak and beer in the park near Hongik University station. It's very famous place to have food and drinks on the grass. Then our tour is gonna be done!
The restaurants and cafes and food I recommended can be changed for your preference. If you want to go another place, we can go there. Plus, we’ll be able to walk more than you expected so I want you to wear comfy shoes.


[Korea Tour with Locals?]

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How to Say ‘I Hate You’ in Korean
(Seonyudo) Let's be tinged with nature!!

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