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Yes, it's free to post jobs! All new employers get 125 posting points for free. Points can be used immediately and in a number of ways:

1) Post 5 standard jobs for free

2) Post 2 highlighted jobs for free

3) Post 1 VIP job for free

New employers also get free resume access for 6 months: click here to sign up and start.

Posting jobs and reviewing resumes is much easier once you are registered as an employer on  Once you register, you can receive 5 free job postings and you can purchase resume access to view resumes posted by jobseekers.  You can also manage your entire employer profile with our easy-to-use Employer Toolbox, which you’ll see on the left side of most pages once you’re logged in.  You can also access your employer profile by clicking "My Account" in the top menu.

Once registered, you'll receive our monthly employer newsletter, which will keep you up to date with what we’re doing with the site and which also contains excellent pricing offers and discounts on our products.  Registering as an employer gives you an easy-to-access, one-stop place to manage your hiring needs!

We strive to offer the lowest prices available to schools and businesses looking to post job openings in Korea.  We are a relatively new website, and hope to build relationships with as many employers as possible.  As such, we are offering great deals on job postings and free resume access – click here to see our latest offers and packages!

VIP Jobs and Highlighted Jobs are both ways to make your job posting stand out compared to standard job postings.  When you purchase the "Highlighted" option at the bottom of the job posting page, your job posting will appear with a yellow background (like its been highlighted) as opposed to the standard white back ground of the standard job postings.  This attracts more attention to your job posting and catches the eye of jobseekers.

Choosing the "VIP" option takes it a step further.  If you purchase the VIP option, your job posting will always appear at (or near) the top of all of the job postings for 14 days (two weeks).  If your VIP job matches any part of a job search performed by a jobseeker, it will come up first in their search query.

Both Highlighted and VIP job postings are featured on our promotional banners, will get placed on our social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), and will be featured on the home page of the website.

Users can see basic resume information on the 'Resumes' page. Once you are registered as an employer, you will be able to see the full resume details posted by our job seekers, including contact details and attachments.