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Package and Subscription Prices

All new employers get 25 posting points for free. After you've used your free points, you’ll need to pay to upload a job posting.



A standard job posting costs ₩ 29,000.
Job postings are published for 365 days.


Job postings can be highlighted for an extra ₩ 19,000.
The job posting stays highlighted for 30 days.

Highlighted jobs have a high-visibility yellow background.

VIP: Always First

Jobs can be upgraded to VIP status for an extra ₩ 39,000.
VIP status lasts for 30 days.

VIP jobs are shown first in the jobs list and first in search results, and are promoted on the website's key pages.


Resume access

Resume access costs
₩ 4,900 for 2 days,
₩ 14,900 for 7 days and
₩ 29,000 for 30 days.

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